Central Pennsylvania Demographic Information

As a growing region with a population of more than 650,000, the 12 county Central Pennsylvania region is home to a robust workforce of 350,000 well-prepared to support the success of your business.

Central Pennsylvania Economic Profile 2017

Click here to view an infographic profile of Central Pennsylvania including population, educational attainment, labor force, businesses and jobs, and income and spending

A few current facts and regional projections include:

Central Pennsylvania Demographics – through Focus Prospector

  • A 6 County Average Cost of Living Index of 97.5%
  • A labor force of 140,000
  • Median Home Value of $136,000
  • Median Income of $54,724

For a comprehensive look at Pennsylvania county demographic information, visit our Focus Prospector. Detailed demographic data, including employment and educational statistics, is available in this smart, interactive map and property resource.

Population Commuting Patterns

Residents of the Central Pennsylvania region have always traveled across municipal boundaries to work, live, shop and play. Our population commutes an average of 22 minutes on our accessible, congestion-free roads.

Click here to view 2010-2012 commuting patterns. For a historical look at commuting patterns 2007-2009 click here.

Gender and Age Data

Pennsylvania demographic studies* show that the central region is almost evenly split between male and female residents. The median age of the region is 37 and the majority of our population falls between 25 and 59 years old, offering local companies a stable, experienced and growing workforce.

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*According to 2013 Sperling’s Best Places and Focus Prospector