A sampling of some of the larger incentive programs offered by the state of Pennsylvania and Focus Region are summarized below.  Click on their headings to follow a hyperlink for more details and other available programs.  Please check back for additions and updates.


PA’s Capital Stock & Foreign Franchise Tax is officially history. Full story:


Providing a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to develop, construct or renovate properties throughout Central Pennsylvania, the Keystone Opportunity Zone program offers greatly reduced or completely eliminated state and local taxes through 2020 in most cases.

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Pennsylvania Alternative Energy Credit
15% of net cost of alternative energy production. Limit of $1 million per taxpayer.

(Job Creation Tax Credit) – $1,000 to $3,000 per new job created, not available in a KOZ.

Elimination of Fixed-Wing Sales & Use Tax

Those in the aviation industry now have one more reason to do business in Pennsylvania. With the elimination of the six percent sales and use tax on parts and services for fixed-wing aircraft, sourcing maintenance, overhauls and repairs can all be performed tax-free in a state with prime access to six of the 10 largest markets in the U.S., six international airports and a strategic location in the Northeast U.S. corridor

MEDFAS is a group of Tax-Exempt Financing experts who are focused on educating and assisting companies that are interested in borrowing on a tax-exempt basis to fund expansion projects. They assist manufacturers in accessing some of the $90 Billion the U S Treasury sets aside to pay for a manufacturer interest expense to cover expansion projects. The Treasury pays up to 40% of your interest expense. A $10 million dollar loan using tax exempt financing could save a manufacturer over $2 million dollars.


Pennsylvania First Program

Rail Freight Grants and Resources


(Pennsylvania Industrial Development Authority Loan) 3.5%,  $35,000/job created, maximum of $2 million.  Eligibility varies by county and ranges from 50% to 60%.

(Machinery & Equipment Loan Fund) 3.5%, $25,000/job created, maximum of $5 million


WEDNET– Guaranteed Free Training
$450/employee for entry level training or $800/employee for information technology

(Customized Job Training) 75% of costs for job-specific training.

What is the Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) incentive?

The Keystone Opportunity Zone is unique opportunity to develop land with greatly reduced state and local taxes, a result of partnerships among state and local taxing bodies, school districts, economic development agencies and community-based organizations.

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