Central Pennsylvania is a choice location that is experiencing billions of dollars in energy and infrastructure

investments to support a strong regional economy.

Infrastructure Investments

Electric Infrastructure

PPL Electric serving Central Pennsylvania is investing $1 billion in distribution & transmission upgrades to increase reliability/service. https://www.pplweb.com/infrastructure-investment/

FirstEnergy Corp. (NYSE: FE) expects to invest about $367 million in 2017 on distribution and transmission infrastructure projects to help enhance reliability for approximately 590,000 customers in the Pennsylvania Electric Company’s (Penelec) service territory.

Major projects scheduled in 2017 throughout Penelec’s 31-county area include building new substations and transmission lines, installing equipment in existing substations, adding remote control equipment on circuits, and the inspection and replacement of utility poles.

Projects scheduled in the Penelec footprint in 2017 include adding four 230-kilovolt (kV) circuit breakers at a substation in Granville Township, Mifflin County, at a cost of about $5.4 million to help enhance reliability and operational flexibility.

Natural Gas Power Plant

A new 1,124 megawatt power plant is under construction in Central Pennsylvania, a $835 million investment project. One of the largest coal-to-natural gas power conversion projects in the United States that is expected to produce 1,124 megawatts to power 1 million homes, including in New York and Philadelphia, and is to be operating by the close of 2017.

Natural Gas Pipeline

UGI Energy Services, LLC  has begun construction on a 34 mile natural gas pipline, estimated to cost $160 million. The 20 inch diameter pipeline will originate in Lycoming County, interconnecting the Hummel Station natural gas power plant to the Marc I, Regency and Transcontinental regional gas pipelines. The pipeline will deliver a maximum of more than 200 billion BTUs of natural gas daily — an estimated 90 percent of it to the $710 million power plant.

Rendering of new 4500 foot bridge across West Branch of Susquehanna River

Highway Infrastructure

An estimated $670 million highway project is underway in Central Pennsylvania to put in a new 4-lane limited access highway, approximately 13 miles long that will include a 4500 ft long bridge, to be completed by 2024.

Rail Infrastructure

Pennsylvania has the most railroads in the country, making up a vital component economic and transportation activities. Over the next five years Central Pennsylvania rail infrastructure investments will total over $5 million dollars. Hundreds of miles of rail in the region serve over 80 industries.

Central Pennsylvania Broadband Access and Providers

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PABroadbandMappingViewer – a listing of advanced and broadband services, by general location, available from all advanced and broadband service providers operating in the state irrespective of the technology used.  All providers of are required to cooperate.


Central Pennsylvania Energy

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Water – Abundance of water resources to support business