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Keeping you highly productive through rail service powered by a unique public-private partnership

There are two reasons that companies find Central Pennsylvania to be a remarkably efficient and reliable home for critical business units. First, there’s our fast and reliable rail network, earning 100 percent customer satisfaction in a recent survey,* that gets materials in and products out quickly and smoothly. Then there’s our attitude. Our region is dedicated to helping businesses be productive.

Central PA has the resources you need to thrive. Our rail system together with our free moving highway network provides rapid access to most major U.S. markets and nearly half the country’s population. Our educational institutions offer a wide range of programs for all knowledge and skill levels, while providing specialized, tailored programs companies like yours need. Add in our skilled workforce, central location, an abundant supply of energy and great quality of life and your company will do more than succeed in Central PA.

Matthew Smith, Regional Operations Manager

“They [North Shore RR] do a great job for us and truly
go above and beyond my expectations. We have a great
relationship and any kind of issues or concerns are handled
immediately. Their communication is phenomenal.”

Matthew Smith
Regional Operations Manager
Arrow Material Services

Efficient, reliable, world-class rail
with an emphasis on service

When you locate your business in Central Pennsylvania, you get rail service that the World Bank recognized
as an international model. You also get the best of both worlds: remarkably adept, dependable, and locally
managed personal rail service from one of America’s most innovative, award-winning, customer-focused
short line operators, plus fast access to Norfolk Southern’s 22-state, 20,000-mile transportation network
and connections to global shipping. In addition, a second Class 1 connection, with some limitations, is
available with Canadian Pacific.

Our area is served by 200 miles of rail that handle more than 3 0,000 carloads annually. We offer
outstanding industrial park sites with over 700 rail-served acr es, including many “shovel-ready” sites
with direct interstate access.

MapThanks to our unique public-private
ownership approach, we can solve
problems and meet specialized
needs, like new sidings, far more
quickly than most – something one
customer told us puts us a tier above
other regions in the country. In fact,
everything we do is designed to keep
your business moving and help you
keep the cost of doing business to
a minimum. No wonder so many
manufacturers and distribution
centers have located in our area.
We invite you to join us.

Regional & Short line Rail Companies:

SEDA-COG North Shore

Rail service from North Shore Railroads and the SEDA-COG
Joint Rail Authority is a public-private partnership.

Operators of JVRR, NBER, LVRR, NSHR, SVRR & UCIR Railroads