The Central Pennsylvania Workforce

In Central Pennsylvania, our skilled workforce is ready to be a part of your business success. We pride ourselves on a strong work ethic sought after by many national and international companies. Innovation and entrepreneurship characterize the spirit of both our businesses and the workforce that drives their success. For Workforce and other data, please visit Focus Prospector to access current information.

Manufacturing Wages in Central Pennsylvania

Current details on wage rates for multiple manufacturing occupation codes by County, Region and State can be found in this document. Average Hourly Wage for  Helpers-Production Workers in the Region is $12.77 [SOC: 51-9198]

Population Commuting Patterns

Residents of the Central Pennsylvania region have always traveled across municipal boundaries to work, live, shop and play. Our population commutes an average of 22 minutes on our accessible, congestion-free roads.

Click here to view 2013-2015 commuting patterns.

Training Your Workforce in Pennsylvania

Technical and training support is available from the many education and learning assets of the region, including: