Focus Central Pennsylvania will be joining COREPA Global and other partners across Pennsylvania to promote doing business in the Commonwealth. Hannover Messe is touted as the world’s most important industrial show, covering a wide range of technologies and innovation for the industrial world to include R&D, industrial automation and IT, industrial supply, production engineering and environmental technology. There will be over 200,000 attendees. Hannover Messe takes place April 25th-29th in Hannover, Germany and the United States is the selected host country for 2016.

COREPA Global will be representing a 53 county core region at the Pennsylvania booth to engage with progressive international and US based industrial companies and suppliers to promote Pennsylvania as a premier destination for capital investment and job creation. The goal will be to secure leads and generate interest from contacts to provide solid follow-up and response to make the connection from their interest in investing and expanding in the US to familiarize them and make the connections needed for them to decide and successfully invest in Pennsylvania.

Central Pennsylvania is home to several successful, internationally based companies that have the advantage of being located within 60% of US and Canada’s population and major US markets; extensive network of trade schools, technical colleges and universities; quality workforce; research and development resources; available industrial buildings and sites; world class rail infrastructure and service;  low cost of living; high quality of life and much more.

To showcase a successful company in the COREPA Global region, to attract interest to the Pennsylvania booth in the competitive trade show environment and to engage prospective companies and contacts during the show, COREPA Global has partnered with a successful local company, Gilson Boards. Gilson Boards is an American snowboard manufacturer that designs bases in three dimensions and manufacturers their boards with locally grown trees in central Pennsylvania. A team of representatives from COREPA Global were invited to work with a team from Gilson Boards to manufacture a custom snowboard, complete with the COREPA Global logo and signatures from the team that build the board, to be used as a giveaway during the Hannover Messe show.  

Focus Central Pennsylvania is a proud to be a COREPA Global partner. Focus is a non-profit dedicating 100% of its time and resources to attracting corporate investment in the region to create jobs and currently serves seven (7) contiguous counties in the central part of Pennsylvania, USA including Columbia (Bloomsburg, Berwick); Montour (Danville); Union (Lewisburg, Mifflinburg); Snyder (Selinsgrove); Northumberland (Sunbury, Milton); Mifflin (Lewistown); and Centre (State College).

COREPA Global is a publically funded initiative established to increase the visibility of a 53 county footprint of Pennsylvania to international and domestic investors and reshoring prospects. 53 counties, 45 organizations, 150+ years of experience, 1 goal, 1 initiative, 1 program.

Economic Development is the lifeblood of every community. It creates jobs, builds neighborhoods, supports  businesses and provides a higher quality of life.  This work is not accomplished by one, but by many.


Snowboard production, from left to right: Nicholas Gilson, Founder/CEO of Gilson Boards; Lindsay Helsel, Director of International Initiatives for Team Pennsylvania Foundation and CORE PA Global partner; Cody Richard, Export Specialist for SEDA-Council of Governments and CorePA Global partner; and Noelle Long, Project Manager & Regional Representative for CORE PA Global unveiling the finished board on the right.


Above is the finished product, made in Winfield, Pennsylvania in the CORE PA Global region on Thursday, April 31st, 2016 complete with the innovative, patented made to ride design, CORE PA Global logo, American flag touting made in Winfield, Pennsylvania and signatures from the team that made the custom snowboard with Pennsylvania wood.