June 23rd Forum – Coronavirus: COVID-19 Plan

2020 Focus Central PA Industrial Development Forum, June 23, 2020 – Coronavirus: COVID-19 Plan

Forum speakers, panelists, sponsors and participants’ health and well-being are top priority. As the COVID-19 is an emerging respiratory disease and clarity on the severity of the spread is evolving, the event committee at this time has confirmed that the event is on as scheduled for June 23rd. As of March 27th there were no identified cases in the immediate area of the event and the event venue, Susquehanna University continues to monitor the situation closely and carefully.

As health and safety is top priority for all, the event committee will be monitoring the virus and communicating with the event venue, Susquehanna University, on a regular basis. A review and final decision on the plans for the June 23rd event will be made on Friday, May 1st. At this time all speakers, panelists, sponsors and participants registered will be notified immediately with details on the event status or changes.

    Lots of events, along with ours, have been getting pushed back and eventually canceled but hopefully, now we are prepared. All we want to do is ensure that our customers and staff have the best safety, and we encourage people to wear a 3-layer face mask or a cloth face mask where they can, so we can continue to provide the events that all our customers love, even during these trying and difficult times.

        Reading an excellent article on back to work solutions and the advice from government and world guidelines, we have been able to protect our businesses to the highest quality, ensuring the safety of anyone who comes into contact with the building. Using articles are great because they offer additional solutions that other businesses have used and this is what we feel has given us the advantage when it comes to safety. Afterall two minds are better than one and we will continue to grow and change, along with the new findings and guidelines for the virus.

          Last updated: 3/27/2020