Development Support

Through our network of state, regional and local service providers, businesses relocating or expanding within our region will have access to Pennsylvania incentive information and other services at low or no cost. Business solutions of all types are available through our team of experienced, professional partners, including:

  • Tax breaks
  • Energy incentives
  • Job training
  • Job creation
  • Skills assessment
  • Computer technology programs
  • Management programs
  • Marketing programs
  • Research and development programs
  • Financing options, including Pennsylvania tax incentives and grants

Regional Resources

Focus Central Pennsylvania works closely with developers and businesses to provide connections and information on site and building options, workforce, infrastructure, permits and regulations, taxation and regional or local Pennsylvania incentive programs. Click here for information a sampling of some or the region’s resources.

State Resources

The Pennsylvania DCED and affiliates provide businesses with a variety of grants, funding, services and incentives in Pennsylvania. Our state network is a direct link to business relocation or expansion resources, even those requiring services of the governor. Click here for further information.

Local Resources

Visit our local economic development partners and foundations for assistance with and information on the many different options and services available on a local, regional and state level.

Industry Sector Resources

Depending on the industry sector, special funding programs may also be available in Central Pennsylvania. Whether businesses seek Pennsylvania incentives for general manufacturing, energy incentives or more specific industry sectors, our professional team can assist in finding funding that meets the most specific needs. Funding is available for alternative sectors such as solar, wind, biofuel and geothermal energy enterprises and others.