Danville, PA – Focus Central Pennsylvania is pleased to announce it has received a $3,550 grant from the PPL Foundation. These funds will support the Elite Prospect Marketing Program Driving Economic Growth. This grant will allow Focus Central PA to engage with an annual comprehensive and full-service business attraction program provided by Global Site Location Industries, LLC (GSLI). This program will provide a qualified pipeline of project leads and put Central Pennsylvania in front of expanding companies looking for locations to invest in. This program offers interactive micro-sites, social postings, news postings, free trade shows & VIP events, along with the ability to submit and directly engage with all active projects. Through 7 lead generation pillars this organization, GSLI, has advised over 2,100 companies on sites that fit their needs.

This initiative will increase the exposure of Central Pennsylvania site opportunities to key target audiences of site selectors and company decision makers through strategic marketing outreach via social media, networking events and promotion.  Attracting quality investment to Central Pennsylvania drives smart economic growth, provides quality career opportunities and secures quality companies that win in the marketplace, win in the workplace and win in the community!

The PPL Foundation awards annual grants through a competitive application and review process.

About Focus Central PA – Focus Central Pennsylvania is a nonprofit with the mission to attract investment that cultivates economic growth in Central PA. The regional partners in this mission include Columbia, Montour, Snyder, Northumberland, Union, Centre and Mifflin counties. Learn more about GSLI’s project portal with this short video https://youtu.be/N6P_DBdYhc8.

About the PPL Foundation – Through strategic partnerships, the PPL Foundation supports organizations working to create vibrant, sustainable communities; promote diversity, equity and inclusion; and empower each citizen to fulfill her or his potential. The PPL Foundation contributes more than $3 million annually to a wide variety of nonprofit organizations. To learn more, visit pplcares.com.