Shown left to right: John Showers, Fred Gaffney, Jennifer Myers, Jennifer Wakeman, Joe Kantz, Jeff Stover, Rob Postal, Vic Klein, Shawn McLaughlin, Larry Eckstine, Teri MacBride, Don Stringfellow and Lauren Bryson.

Shamokin Dam, PA – At the May meeting of Focus Central Pennsylvania Board of Directors, held on Wednesday, May 17th, board members were recognized for their contribution to the mission of Focus and new members were welcomed to the Board. The Board of Directors of Focus Central Pennsylvania provides policy and strategic direction to advance the mission of the organization.

Focus Central Pennsylvania Officers and Board of Directors for 2017 are listed below. New Board members welcomed at the May meeting included Mrs. Jennifer Wakeman, Mr. Chris Young, Mr. Joe Kantz, Mr. Jeff Stover and Mrs. Erica Mulberger.

Focus Central Pennsylvania Board of Directors 2017


Rob Postal, Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation – Chair

Eric Winslow, Citizen’s Electric Company (Union County) – Vice Chair

Larry Eckstine, SIDCO – Hepco Construction, Inc. (Snyder County) – Treasurer

Lauren Bryson, Focus Central Pennsylvania, Executive Director – Secretary

Members of the Board of Directors:

Don Alexander, Northumberland County Planning Department

Kathy Jeremiah, Northumberland County Planning Department

Larry Eckstine, Susquehanna Industrial Development Corporation (SIDCO) – Hepco Construction, Inc.

Jennifer Wakeman, DRIVE serving Columbia & Montour Counties

Chris Young, DRIVE Columbia County Board of Commissioners

Vic Klein, DRIVE Columbia County

Harold Hurst, DRIVE Montour County, District Office State Representative Kurt Masser

Shawn McLaughlin, Union County Planning & Economic Development

Eric Winslow, Citizens’ Electric Company, Union County Economic Development Corporation

Rob Postal, Mifflin County Industrial Development Corporation (MCIDC)

Vern Squier, Chamber of Business & Industry Centre County (CBICC)

Jennifer Myers, Chamber of Business & Industry Centre County (CBICC)

Joe Kantz, North Shore Railroad Company

Jeff Stover, SEDA-Cog Joint Rail Authority

Erica Mulberger, Central Pennsylvania Workforce Development Corporation (CPWDC)

John Showers, Union County Board of Commissioners

Focus Central Pennsylvania is part of a committed team in the region that is driving economic development for communities in Centre, Columbia, Montour, Northumberland, Union, Snyder and Mifflin communities.  The mission of Focus is to effectively promote new corporate investment that results in growth of family sustaining jobs in the region by being a premier economic development marketing alliance for committed partners. Focus pro-actively connects with site location consultants and companies looking to relocate or expand.  This work helps our communities become an even greater place to live and work.

For more information, contact:

Lauren Bryson, 844.293.8719,

2859 N Susquehanna Trail – Shamokin Dam, PA 17876 USA

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