Selinsgrove, PA – Grayston Enterprises LLC, property owner and developer is investing $1,000 in Focus Central Pennsylvania to support regional growth by promoting the region to attract new corporate investment. A check was presented by Robert Grayston, owner-principal of Grayston Enterprises to Focus representative Lauren Bryson, Executive Director.

Grayston Enterprises has officially relocated from West Chester, PA  to the Central PA region and is committed to re-purposing and expanding Industrial, Commercial and Warehouse operations. Grayston has been a key driving factor of several developments in the region. These developments have been providing job opportunities and growth throughout the communities. Grayston Enterprise currently has provided roughly 200 jobs throughout the region and expects that number to double within the next 12 months with some incoming companies that have recently committed to the region. Some of the developments that Grayston has been behind are listed below and are new additions to the Central PA Region that have relocated or are new startup companies.

Grayston Developments to date include Fresh Roasted Coffee( coffee roaster), Crossfit, Retail Distribution Center, Perfume manufacturer, Stone Veneer manufacturer, Auto Parts Distribution, Tire Distribution, Family Fun Center, Bath Salts manufacturer, Medical Equipment Distribution, Physical Therapy, Heavy Equipment Wheel Distribution, Telecommunication Distribution & Office, Animal Feed Bag Distribution, Climate Control Storage, Boat & RV Storage, U Haul Center, Landscape Garden Center, Water Distribution, and Automotive Repairs.

Grayston Enterprises currently has available space at the Former Pepsi Facilities, 15,000 square feet in Selinsgrove, PA at a lease rate of $3.50 per square foot; Commercial Land, several parcels in Selinsgrove, Shamokin Dam and Northumberland; and Residential Development Land, 110 acres in Shamokin Dam, PA.

“Focus is working to drive new leads, new job creating opportunities to the region and our investors make this possible”. said Executive Director Lauren Bryson. “These investments allow Focus to strategically and actively attract new interest and corporate investment to the region to bring quality, sustainable jobs. We are excited about the opportunities and appreciative of companies that support the mission and the work that needs to be done.

Bryson continued, “Affordable, existing buildings that offer companies cost and time effective options are extremely attractive to those that need to make investment, location decisions within a short-time schedule, so it is extremely valuable to have partners like Grayston Enterprises engaged and supporting our efforts.”       

Focus Central Pennsylvania is a non-profit dedicating 100% of its time and resources to attracting corporate investment in the region to create jobs.  Focus currently serves seven (7) contiguous counties in the central part of Pennsylvania, USA which include Columbia, Montour, Union, Snyder, Northumberland, Mifflin and Centre.

For more information, contact: Lauren Bryson, 844.293.8719,