Industry 4.0 In Central PA

Moving to automation is challenging and requires a significant investment in capital and training. The COVID-19 pandemic has be a catalyst for more companies to consider this strategic investment. As US industry surges back to life post-pandemic, Central Pennsylvania is emerging as a key player in the movement toward automation and AI. With manufacturers providing the equipment and tools, resource programs, to being home to several the leading engineering and research institutions in the world the region is positioned for significant future growth and success.

Industry 4.0 Firms in Central PA Leading the Way

Homeland Manufacturing Services, Inc. - State College, PA

A veteran owned full-service EMS provider experienced in providing Design Services, Manufacturing Services, and Supply Chain Solutions. They are developing innovative manufacturing strategies for manufacturing excellence.

Blatek Industrial, Inc. - State College, PA

Blatek ultrasonic transducers are designed to meet custom specifications using our proprietary piezocomposite. They take pride in their our ability to design and manufacture ultrasonic probes to the exact design their customers provide.

Sensor Networks - State College PA

“Because of COVID, companies were not able to have as many technicians on site—in many cases only 10% of their normal workforce,” says Steve Strachan, vice president of sales, Sensor Networks. “So they had to find a way to do more with less. Fortunately, that’s where sensor technology is at its best: placing sensors not only in hard-to-reach areas, unmanned, or inaccessible entry points, but now using them to save costs and maintain or even increase efficiencies during a workforce crisis.”

Piezo Kinetics Inc. - Bellefonte, PA

Piezo Kinetics Inc. added an additional 10,000 sq. ft. to their manufacturing plant in 2019, their 4th expansion in 8 years. Piezo Kinetics (PKI) is the leading North American manufacturer of specialty piezoelectric elements and assemblies. They provide innovative, high quality, reliable piezoceramic elements and assemblies for military, automotive, commercial, medical, consumer, and other markets.

KCF Technologies - State College, PA

KCF Technologies is on a mission to Transform American Industry, solving problems that no one else will. Their team develops technology and services that empower industrial businesses to improve performance, reduce downtime, and optimize operations.

T Zero Brew - State College, PA


TZero Brew provides products and services for digital brewery dashboards to manage remotely in real-time, sensor technology to monitor fermentation measurements in real-time, and control the temperature of fermenters remotely from a single, simple dashboard using real-time fermentation measurements.

Penn College – Automation Engineering Technology: Robotics & Automation

Bucknell University – College of Engineering