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Investors in Focus Central Pennsylvania are local businesses and organizations interested in supporting the efforts of Focus to market our region and attract quality corporate investment and career opportunities. Sponsors provide a tax-deductible yearly contribution and in return support the mission for smart economic growth and are recognized for their support in many communication methods.


Gary Shields, President & CEO of the North Shore Railroad Company, believes Focus to be a worthwhile investment. “Part of North Shore’s mission statement is to be responsible civic partners with the communities we serve,” Shields says, “and that’s what we’re going to do as we move forward. Investing in Focus is investing in our community.”

Board Level Investor

Jeb Stotter, NSHR President, says Focus is an essential investment. “Our company strives to be civic partners with the communities we serve,” Stotter says, “and Focus Central PA plays an important part role in our communities. The work and commitment of Focus helps bring business and economic development to our region.” For the past 32 years, NSHR, a privately owned company, has provided rail freight service to the six short line railroads they operate. The company’s mission is to be the most customer focused and safest transportation system possible, provide quality regional rail freight service to customers in Central Pennsylvania, conduct our business with the highest degree of integrity and professionalism, and be responsible civic partners with the communities we serve.


Board Level Investor

“The JRA is proud, once again, to support the good work of Focus Central PA to help us locate more rail-served industries on our system” said Jeff Stover, Executive Director of SEDA-COG Joint Rail Authority.

Board Level Investor

Snyder County is in the middle of unprecedented private and public investment projects totaling billions of dollars to support smart economic growth for the region. Home to a vibrant and growing downtown, and a world-class university, Susquehanna University, that not only educates their 2,100+ students annually but provides community enrichment programs and events. Commissioner Joseph E. Kantz, Chairman says “We’ve seen a lot of economic growth in our county in recent years.  Private investment has brought over $1 billion dollars of economic activity.  The Commissioners believe there is more to come and have invested in further economic growth by way of FOCUS Central PA.  They are continually “out there” promoting our region to companies who are looking for an area that has the infrastructure, the workforce or the stable tax base.  We look forward to what FOCUS can help us accomplish in this endeavor.”


Gold Level Investor

Don Brominski, UGI Utilities said “investing in Focus fits in very well with our goal to be involved in the betterment of the communities we service.


Gold Level Investor

”PPL is pleased to invest in the communities where our employees live and work,” added Teri MacBride, PPL’s regional affairs director. “Whether it’s creating job opportunities in Pennsylvania, investing in economic growth in Kentucky or supporting education in the U.K., our company is committed to helping create a stronger and healthier community.”

PPL Electric Reliability – Billions in Improvements


Gold Level Investor

JP H Tambourine, FirstEnergy-Penelec stated that “our Economic Development Department understands that it takes a team approach to be successful in business attraction and retention. Investing in Focus Central PA and working with agencies like MCIDC are ways we can do this. We are very pleased to invest in Focus as part of our business attraction efforts.”

Grayston Enterprises

Gold Level Investor

Robert Grayston, Principal/Owner of Grayston Enterprises has officially relocated from West Chester, PA  to the Central PA region and is committed to re-purposing and expanding Industrial, Commercial and Warehouse operations. Grayston is supportive of the mission of Focus Central Pennsylvania to drive corporate investments to create job opportunities and growth throughout the communities in Central Pennsylvania.


Silver Level Investor

Larson Design Group supports Focus Central PA in its mission to attract businesses that want to invest in our region. Growth in our area positively affects everyone by ensuring that our infrastructure is maintained and that family sustaining jobs remain available for our residents.


Silver Level Investor

Citizens’ Electric is the local electric distribution utility company serving about 6,950 residential, commercial and industrial customers in Lewisburg and the surrounding communities of East Buffalo, Buffalo and Kelly townships in Union County. Citizens’ Electric support the Focus mission because attracting new business investment across central Pennsylvania is important to all our communities.

Friend Level Investor

Patton Warehousing & Logistics is Central Pennsylvania’s Warehousing, Logistics and Transportation Solution. Patton Warehousing is owned and operated by the Patton family. Patton has over 200,000 square foot USDA approved food grade quality facilities to store materials safely and securely. Patton has a direct affiliation with one largest trucking companies in the Northeast United States, Watsontown Trucking Company with a fleet of over 325 trucks.

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