Regional Information Center

Focus is committed to providing the information needed to make an informed decision about where to invest in and grow a business. If the information cannot be found on the website, call us and we will get the information needed.

Central Pennsylvania welcomes new investment and company growth! Commercial and industrial growth is important for our communities tax base and can benefit the community in many ways by providing careers, services and multiplied economic growth. These projects are a partnership between a company and the local community. Quality site plans and communication of the company strategy is critical to review the impacts of the project and ensuring safe, smart reviews are completed to ensure a successful project. This one page site plan review process provides a general overview of the process in Central Pennsylvania to review commercial and industrial plans as well as the costs and timelines associated with that process. For questions or further details contact us at 844.293.8719. 

ZoomProspector is a state-of-the-art tool, businesses and real estate professionals can access for valuable information critical to expansion or relocation decisions. This is an easy to use, interactive site, that allows customized searches on available sites and buildings, demographics, labor force, consumer expenditures, wages, businesses, talent pool, and infrastructure with the ability to export customized reports.