PPL Electric Utility reliability improvements have been significant, and we will continue making significant investments to further improve reliability. Our work includes replacing aging equipment, installing new lines and substations, adding animal guard and lightning arrestors and installing new technologies like smart grid. It’s all aimed at making the system more storm-resistant.

About $4.7 billion has been invested over the past decade and the company plans to invest another $5.7 billion during the next five years to continue to renew, strengthen and modernize the delivery network that serves millions of people. On average, customers are experiencing 20 percent fewer outages today than in 2007 — when we embarked on one of the largest reliability improvement programs in our company’s history — and we will have another 20 percent improvement by 2019.

Trees are the biggest cause of storm-related outages, and our expanded trimming and clearing program is making a difference. Tree related outages are also on the way down — 18 percent fewer in 2014 compared to the average of the previous 10 years.