Top 5 Reasons Why Companies Invest in Central Pennsylvania!

In short…Central Pennsylvania has all you need to successfully grow your business with less congestion, lower costs and an incredible quality of life.

Central Pennsylvania Manufacturers Answer the Question “Why Central PA?” 

“The proximity to Penn State allows for a strong relationships with the university which as been extremely beneficial for our research and development division. Additionally, the location allows us to be centrally located to our customers (i.e. Hospital systems in Boston, Maryland, Pittsburgh and Philadelphia.)”

“Original location from 1965.”

“Facility has been around since 1963, 59 years and counting, and has grown from cast stone manufacture into an architectural/structural precast manufacturer.”

“Facility was built in early 1960s, merged with another manufacturer during the 90s and acquired in 2004 by another company.”

“Originally started in Central PA and has continued to expand footprint in the region.”

“Business was founded in Central PA and the work ethic and skills that are commonly found in Central PA is a major part of who we are.”

“Great logistical location and talented candidate pool.”

“To be within a close proximity to our customers.”

“Location established in 1966 by original owner.”

“Roots go back to 1952 when company was founded, expanded in 1971 and has been growing ever since.”

“Third-generation family owned manufacturing company. Family has resided in the area for generations.”

“The plant initially located here for low energy costs, and stay because of the quality of the manufacturing workforce.”

“Owner moved here and started the business.”

“Concrete products are prevalent in PA due to widely available limestone quarries, and location allows us to serve much of the populated east coast of the U.S.”

“Founding team was located in the region.”

“Founded here and have a strong sense of community. We stay here to protect the livelihoods of our employees and their families.”

1. Best At Making and Moving PRODUCT

Central PA is in a prime northeast location to access major US and Canadian markets with an uncongested logistics network of highways, railways, and airports to move product efficiently. Available properties include existing industrial buildings and ready to build land sites with strong infrastructure, competitively priced with attractive financial and tax incentives. Long term, low cost, reliable energy resources abound.   Billions of dollars in infrastructure investments are taking place to provide smart capacity in all areas of infrastructure. This region boasts an industrial site that is pre-approved to support a 2 million square foot facility, is tax free until 2027 and just minutes from Interstate 80! The rail infrastructure and service here in this part of Pennsylvania is second to none and a competitive advantage to any industry that utilizes rail.

2. World Class Innovation and Technology Resources

Central PA is proudly home to 8 colleges and universities that have over 74,000 students enrolled and several premier technical institutions including the Pennsylvania College of Technology Plastics Innovation & Resource Center providing an incredible talent pool, globally recognized training, research and development. A vast network exists in Central PA of educational institutions, research and technology organizations that provide dedicated resources to advance industry.



3. People

Central PA is widely recognized by employers as a prime location for a dedicated, hardworking talent force that has ingenuity and pride. There are over 25,000 businesses employing over 290,000 people with strong community support for manufacturing and growth of economic opportunities. Productive and more importantly reliable, hardworking and smart talent is available in Central Pennsylvania.

…GAF chose to build a second plant in the New Columbia area (Central Pennsylvania) because of what he calls a “talented workforce,” excellent rail service and proximity to an interstate highway and its customer base in the Northeast… Andy Hilton, Chief Communications Officer, GAF.



4. In Good Company – Central Pennsylvania Success Stories

Central PA is proudly home to incredible small and large companies that are quality employers, community neighbors and growing.

“SEKISUI Polymer Innovations is committed to continued investments in central Pennsylvania because of access to an incredible natural resource – the talented, creative, and engaged people of central Pennsylvania. Our business model depends on advanced manufacturing skills. The combination of state support and local commitment to workforce development makes this the ideal location to manufacture next generation materials for growing global markets like aviation, mass transit, medical devices, robotics, and autonomous vehicles.” —Ronn Cort, President and COO, Sekisui SPI



5. Quality of Life & Investment in the Future

Central PA provides the families that call this region home high quality education options, affordable living options and an outstanding quality of life. There are billions of dollars in public and private investments in infrastructure taking place in Central Pennsylvania for smart growth!