Invest In Focus Central Pennsylvania Today

When you invest in Focus Central Pennsylvania, a 501c3 nonprofit, you can invest tax deductible resources into regional economic growth. It is important for Central Pennsylvania to support existing businesses and their growth, as well as attract new companies to provide quality, diverse, sustainable career opportunities and investment in the region. Our investors provide Focus Central PA the much needed resources to pro-actively promote competitive qualities Central Pennsylvania has to offer companies searching for a location to expand and support their strategic vision. Central Pennsylvania has world-wide competition to attract quality companies to our communities, therefore, strategic, effective, aggressive marketing and business relationships are needed to be successful in this mission. Contact Focus Central PA today to invest in the mission and join the passionate, dedicated team of partners and  investors working every day to attract investment that cultivates economic growth in Central Pennsylvania!

New Job Multiplier: A new or expanding industry can have economic impacts beyond the careers and income generated by the project. When a business expands or locates in the Central Pennsylvania, significant economic benefits ensue. With new jobs come payroll dollars, increased demand for housing, goods and services, greater capital investment, additional jobs and a broader tax base all of which spreads throughout the economy. In addition, when a new company invests millions of dollars in a community that sends a message to other companies much stronger and louder than any marketing initiative. Success drives success.

Invest today to advance efforts to attract investment that cultivates economic growth in Central Pennsylvania!

If you are interested in becoming an investor of Focus Central Pennsylvania please contact us at 844.293.8719 or via email.

Partners, supporters and investors of Focus Central Pennsylvania are critical to successful regional economic development marketing attraction! This work is not accomplished by one, but by many!

CARES Act Incentivizes Giving

In the wake of the pandemic, the CARES Act incentivizes giving in a number of ways:

If you itemize…
For tax year 2020 only, the CARES Act increases the ceiling against Adjusted Gross Income for cash gifts made to public charities, like Team Pennsylvania, from 60% to 100%!

If you don’t itemize…
For tax year 2020 only, the CARES Act allows individuals who don’t itemize their deductions to exclude from Adjusted Gross Income up to $300 in combined charitable contributions made to public charities, like Team Pennsylvania. This new “above the line” deduction can lower your taxable income while still allowing the use of the standard deduction.

As always, you should check with your tax advisor for details.