Available Commercial & Industrial Buildings and Sites

Looking for a greenfield site to build or existing building? Start your customized search using the comprehensive tool below to search a list of available commercial and industrial properties in the Focus Central Pennsylvania region. Focus partner communities include Centre (State College, Bellefonte), Mifflin (Lewistown), Snyder (Selinsgrove), Union (Lewisburg), Northumberland (Sunbury, Milton), Montour (Danville) and Columbia (Bloomsburg) counties. Contact us for a customized, confidential response to your specific project needs at at 1-844-293-8719.

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County Geographic Information Systems Links

GIS maps show spatial relationships of different features to include topography, parcels, flooding, physical features, and more. 

What is the Keystone Opportunity Zone (KOZ) incentive?

The Keystone Opportunity Zone is a premier tax incentive and provides companies and investors a unique opportunity to develop land with greatly reduced to no state and local taxes, a result of partnerships among state and local taxing bodies, school districts, economic development agencies and community-based organizations. The message is clear, these communities want to see quality companies providing smart economic opportunities and growth!

Focus Central Pennsylvania is excited to announce the launch of the new and improved Zoom Prospector above, an innovative tool to effectively promote Central Pennsylvania has a choice location to grow a business. If you would like to view the original ZoomProspector database click here