McTish-Kunkel and Associates

October 17, 2022

In the 1970s, two young engineers formed a friendship early in their careers.  In 1976 McTish, Kunkel and Associates (MKA) started. Pennsylvania was growing with people and goods on the move all the time. At the beginning we offered solutions to communities. As MKA helped more communities, we turned some of our attention to the transportation networks that connected these communities. As in the past, we still believe the way to build a great nation is to build great communities and roadways.

As America and its communities grow, so do their needs. MKA operates in a highly regulated world. Our designs and permitting processes maintain high regulatory compliance while supporting our clients’ efforts.

Much has changed in the last 43 years. Our markets now include transportation, energy exploration, energy development, energy generation, land development, and municipal infrastructure. For us, it’s still about building a great nation.

There are currently 22 bridges and over 15 miles of roadway reconstruction designed by MKA under construction in 9 PA counties.

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