Northumberland National Bank

Northumberland National Bank
October 17, 2022

Our story begins around the turn of the 20th century, when state senator and owner of the Witmer Steele Lumber Co., Charles Steele, saw the need for a local bank “people would feel comfortable with” in his hometown of Northumberland, Pennsylvania. As the wheels of progress churned, the foundational pieces of what would become Norry Bank began to fall into place. By 1903, The Northumberland National Bank had its name, funds raised, and a bank charter granted.

We opened that fall in a storefront building on the corner of Queen and Water Streets. The bank immediately drew customers from both Northumberland and Sunbury. But a winter storm destroyed the bridge between the two towns and would impact the bank’s customer base for years.

Still, like the tough and tenacious people of the Greater Susquehanna Valley, the bank persevered and overcame whatever obstacles came its way—including the stock market crash of 1929—never closing its doors for even a single day.

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